12 - Jason McDonald: Why Shorts are Hard to Find and How You Can Find Great Shorts


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Video length: 45 Minutes

In this seminar, former Hedge Fund Manager and Professional Proprietary trader, Jason McDonald, attacks one of the most common challenges that all investors and traders – whether they be Retail or Professional – consistently have with their portfolios i.e. How to find GREAT shorts. In a GDP growth environment, the earnings of companies receive a Macroeconomic tailwind and therefore most publicly traded companies have positive earnings (make money). This is one of the reasons why at any one particular time it is always difficult to find GREAT shorts and therefore hedge out portfolio risk and / or make an absolute return by shorting stocks. Process also plays an important role in finding GREAT shorts. Retail Traders typically do not understand the processes required to scan tens of thousands of stocks for potential Short opportunities in a systematic manner.

Jason tackles both of these issues and shows viewers of his seminar how to go about finding GREAT shorts even in an unfavourable GDP growth environment and outlines the processes required for finding GREAT shorts utilising a systematic process.      

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