11 - Hichem Djouhri: Optimal Overwriting Strategies for Hedging 401K & IRA Portfolios


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Video length: 14 Minutes

Hichem Djouhri is the leading Fund Manager in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) Region, based at SHUAA Asset Management in Dubai. Hichem's day-to-day role at SHUAA Asset Management involves running the portfolio and fund management team with over $450 million in Assets Under Management (AUM) and managing for SHUAA both the Arab Gateway Fund (+210% since inception) and the Emirates Gateway Fund (+415% since inception). His consistent outperformance of all benchmarks has won his team at SHUAA several awards as Best UAE Asset Manager, Best UAE Equity Fund (every year since 2010) and Best Regional Asset Manager in 2014. Due to his performance, and aged just 30 years old, Hichem is widely-recognised in the industry as one of the most talented young Fund Managers worldwide.

In this seminar Hichem reveals one of the secrets to his success: how he aggressively hedges portfolios using Options Overwriting Strategies and generates large excess returns from the extra income these strategies provide. Hichem guides the viewer through multiple examples of how this is done, both theoretically and practically. This seminar is especially useful for Retail Traders that have Long Only Portfolios i.e. in most cases Pensions. In the United States 401K and IRA Portfolios are Long Only. International investors and traders with Long Only Portfolios will also find this seminar incredibly useful because Long Only Pension Fund Managers globally are generally not able to hedge their client’s portfolios using Options overwriting strategies due to their mandates. By understanding and applying these strategies themselves, Retail Traders can over a period of time hedge their Long Only Portfolios and Pensions and can add significant value to their overall returns and wealth. It is of vital importance that individuals know how to do this properly. They must understand the risks and opportunities of these strategies and be taught and mentored by someone like Hichem who has a proven track record of deploying these strategies successfully over many years. In this seminar, Hichem displays how individuals can replicate these strategies responsibly.  

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