08 - Christopher Quill: How To Calculate Realized & Implied Volatility and Why it's Important


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Video length: 40 Minutes

After being part of the team at Ruffer Asset Management in London that generated the number one Japanese Equity Fund Returns Globally, Christopher Quill joined the Institute as head of Statistics and Research. Known by his colleagues and Traders at the Institute as “Mr Excel,” Chris’ expertise lies in managing Big Data and building then breaking down complex Statistical Models and Spreadsheets that simplify processes so that anyone can understand and use his resources.

In this Seminar Chris complements the presentation of Raj Malhotra (Pricing Options Like a Market Maker) by going into the detail of how to mechanically calculate Volatility for yourself using the downloadable Spreadsheet and PDF guide that accompanies his Seminar. When looking to express Trade Ideas or Positions using Options, firstly investors and traders need to know if the Options prices they receive on Brokerage Platforms and therefore the price of Volatility are a fair and accurate reflection of reality. By knowing this, they are less likely to get “ripped off” by an Options Market Maker. Secondly, understanding how to price Options for themselves and therefore price Volatility helps investors and traders get an edge over the Market Markers (Brokerage Platforms) by realising when mispricing’s of Options occur so they can take advantage of them. 

This seminar is especially useful for Retail Traders in both the U.S. and Canada where Retail Brokerage platforms are most frequently used to express Trade Ideas and Positions using Options. 80% of Retail Traders lose money on these platforms because they do not understand How To Calculate Realized & Implied Volatility and Why it's Important Until NOW!

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