05 - Raj Malhotra: Marginal Benefits of Directional Options Trading


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Video length: 43 Minutes

As an Options Trader Raj Malhotra has had one of the most successful careers on Wall Street in recent history. Raj became the head of Index Options Trading and head of Institutional Options Trading at Bank of America and was also promoted to Managing Director before the age of 30. In this Video Raj debunks many of the myths about Options Trading and simplifies directional strategies for the viewer into easy to understand bite size pieces.

Additionally Raj displays the marginal differences between choosing when to use Options over positioning in Stock when deploying trading ideas in the Stock Market. This is of vital importance to Retail Traders in today's markets, in which Options are often marketed as a panacea "Only Choice" product to obtain leverage. In short, Options are often oversold as the solution to maximizing returns on a trade when in most cases this is just not true.

Retail Traders that trade options and / or are seeking to learn how to trade options will learn a lot from Raj in this video and can become more efficient in their trading by implementing Raj's philosophies and teachings. 

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