22 - Rushin Shah - The Quick & Dirty on Hedge Fund Process


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Video length: 33 Minutes


In this Video, Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager / Trader Rushin Shah (as a guest speaker at the Institute’s Annual London Super Conference) takes you through the entire investment spectrum of a Hedge Fund. Rushin also shows you the investment process of how Hedge Fund Managers make decisions on what to buy and sell, and when to buy and sell. This is especially useful for Retail Traders whose aim is to emulate the approach of successful Hedge Fund Managers in their own Retail Trading Brokerage Accounts and for University Students who want to obtain interviews and jobs within the Hedge Fund industry. By understanding the real inside knowledge of the Hedge Fund investment process, candidates for Hedge Fund employment gain an informational advantage over their peers in the application stage and at interview stage, because the Hedge Fund Managers interviewing candidates will not understand how young Retail Traders know this information as it is only available from industry insiders. Anyone who watches this Video and understands the process will impress all Hedge Fund Managers with their industry knowledge.   

Rushin’s Seminar perfectly complements the Institute's flagship educational courses - the Professional Trading Masterclass Video Series and the Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass Video Series. So if you are considering completing either of these educational courses, Rushin’s Seminar will give you a perfect overview of what to expect. This is because through both of the Institute's flagship educational courses, the Institute teaches the same Hedge Fund approach and expands on the framework delivered by Rushin, going into great detail and providing multiple resources so Retail Traders can emulate the same approach in their Retail Trading Brokerage Accounts. On a standalone basis however, Rushin’s seminar is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the most successful Hedge Fund Managers in the financial markets globally of the last 15 years working as part of a $20 Billion Dollar Hedge Fund group in New York.

Unfortunately, Rushin is not available to complete 3 Month Trader Mentoring Programmes. However, all ITPM Senior Trading Mentors trade in the same way as Professional Hedge Fund Managers and are available to teach students with real money how to become consistently profitable using the same approach. To apply for an ITPM Mentoring Programme CLICK HERE