19 - Raj Malhotra: Calculating Options Greeks That Matter - Delta, Gamma, Theta


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Video length: 39 Minutes

As an Options Trader, Raj Malhotra has had one of the most successful careers on Wall Street in recent history. Raj became the Head of Index Options Trading and Head of Institutional Options Trading at Bank of America and was also promoted to Managing Director before the age of 30. In this Video, Raj debunks many of the myths about Options Greeks. Explained logically and simply so everyone can understand how “The Greeks” add value to Options Trading for Retail Traders, Raj explains how to properly look at and consider Delta Risk, Gamma Risk and Theta Risk. Retail Traders that trade options and / or are seeking to learn how to trade options will learn a lot from Raj in this video and can become more efficient in their trading by implementing Raj's philosophies and teachings. 

By understanding the Greeks and knowing how to utilize them properly Retail Traders (Especially in the U.S. and Canada) are at a significant advantage to “low information” Retail Traders that don’t know how to utilize them properly. 75% of Retail Options Traders in the U.S. and Canada lose money because they simply do not understand the real underlying fundamentals of how Options work and how they are priced. Understanding the Greeks properly and using this to your advantage for the rest of your life will put you leagues ahead of other Retail Traders. 

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