14 - Anton Kreil: Dividends, Distributions and Trading for Income


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Video length: 49 Minutes

In this Video, Anton Kreil, Managing Partner of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management, debunks with real statistics the myth of Trading for Income that is so aggressively pushed by Charlatan Trading Educators who want you to believe that obtaining a regular income from Trading is possible, so they get paid an income by you as one of their students. Anton then goes on to show you the real definitions and methods of how you obtain a regular income from Financial Markets through Dividends and Distributions and how to structure several Investment and Trading Books at the same time, so your downside in Financial Markets becomes very close to Zero and your upside becomes unlimited over longer time frames. Anton also shows you how to achieve this in Global Tax Efficient Structures that work for all nationalities including U.S. Citizens who by law must pay U.S. taxes whereever they “earn” Income in the World. The result is a method and approach to “trading for Income” that has been tried and tested by High Net Worth individuals over many decades, that is cost effective and immediately applicable for even novice Investors and Traders on a global basis.   

Anton no longer provides Mentoring Programs and is officially retired from completing Mentoring Programs directly with Institute Students. Anton manages all Mentoring Programs as an oversight function, taken with Institute Senior Trading Mentors from the back end of the Institutes Trading Infrastructure. 

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Jason McDonald, Raj Malhotra, Tristan Edwards, Chris Cathey, Gregoire Dupont, Hichem Djouhri, Ben Berggreen, David Perlin.