09 - Gregoire Dupont: Day Trading in Equities and FOREX - Viability Assessment


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Video length: 32 Minutes

Gregoire has enjoyed a successful 15-year career as a Professional Trader starting as a cash equity trader and then as a fund manager for Pierre Charon Gestion and Day Trade Asset Management in Paris. In 2004, he joined Griffin Capital Management in London as a European Fund Manager for their long only fund and later on their long/short fund.

At its peak, the Griffin Western European Team was managing more than $500mln with Gregoire focusing on a multi-disciplinary systematic approach including fundamentals, technicals, price action trading and correlation hedging. For the last six years, Gregoire has been a Proprietary Trader in London at Infinity Capital Markets with a multi-strategy mandate.

In this Seminar, Gregoire teaches Retail Trader students of the Institute, how to systematically approach Short Term trading and specifically Day Trading. In a Volatility environment where Short Term trading and Day Trading has become increasingly more and more difficult, Gregoire who specialises in Short Term trading and Day Trading on a Professional basis at Infinity Capital Markets. This video shows viewers how to appraise Day Trading scenarios, how to stay ahead of Volatility in Assets, how to calculate your own expected / implied volatility in an asset and examples of when “news risk” is under-priced.

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