01 - Anton Kreil: What Sets Apart the Best and the Worst Retail Traders?


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Video length: 43 Minutes

 In this Video, Anton Kreil, Managing Partner of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management takes you behind the wall at the Institute showing you the actual statistics and behavioral traits of the Best and the Worst Retail Traders at the Institute. By showing you the traits and characteristics of both good (profitable) and bad (losing) traders, Anton draws a common thread of behavioral patterns that Retail Traders display when they are both making and losing money so you can learn to see these behaviors in yourself. This is so you can avoid bad (losing) habits and focus on attaining good (profitable) habits, in order to gain consistent profitability with limited downside and maximum upside in your trading accounts over time.

Anton no longer provides Mentoring Programs and is officially retired from completing Mentoring Programs directly with Institute Students. Anton manages all Mentoring Programs as an oversight function, taken with Institute Senior Trading Mentors from the back end of the Institutes Trading Infrastructure. 

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Jason McDonald, Hichem Djouhri, Gregoire Dupont, Raj Malhotra, Chris Cathey, Tristan Edwards.